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2023/24 Shoot Your Way Across Texas Indoor (SYWAT)

This is a statewide "league" held primarily during the winter (October - March).  Any archer aged 6 and up can participate. Tournaments are hosted by various shops or clubs around the state. Any archer can compete in the events as a stand alone shoot or attend multiple shoots.  However, to compete in the Championship and for shooter of the year you must be a NFAA/TFAA Member by the last shoot. N.F.A.A. divisions and shooting styles will be in effect. For more information and rules visit SYWAT Indoor (texasfieldarchery.org)

Costs Per Shoot + $1.99 online processing fee: 
           $25  - Adult Categories
           $20 - Cub/Youth/Young Adult
           $70 - Max. Per Family (contact shop to signup for family)

Griffin Archery is hosting the 2023/2024 SYWAT on:

Sign up for either 10am or 2pm time slots. Signing up for a Family? Please contact the shop directly at (903) 730-5515 or Info@GriffinArchery.com


The indoor SYWAT format is the NFAA standard "300 Round," shot at 10 yards for cubs and 20 yards for all other age classes.  Archers shoot 12 ends of 5 arrows each for a total of 60 arrows. 

Targets are rotated between top and bottom after the 6th end. 
Targets are the archer's choice of the NFAA 40 cm (blue) single spot, or the NFAA 5 spot.  Scoring on the 40 cm target is 5-4-3-2-1.  
The 5 spot target is scored 5-4.  Xs score as 5, but are counted as a tiebreaker.